More photo's added regularly, please call back. Weymouth, Dorset

Weymouth & Dorset Photograph's by John Griffiths

The Somerset Hotel, from Weymouth Railway Station. Cold and wet.

Wet again, the approach to the Town Bridge

A Sunday out of season. St. Alban Street,Weymouth.Dorset. The Queen of Hearts.

Yours truly at The Rendezvous Bars on the Town Bridge. One of the worlds best relaxing views.

Just outside Dorchester at Godmanstone, The Worlds Smallest Inn

Sandsfoot castle. Just stand and Imagine what things went on inside those walls.

The King Street Fish and Chip Shop on fire once again. Tuesday May 9th. 1979. It had happened before.

Weymouth Sea Front at the Kings Statue. This was the occasion of the Weymouth Bus Rally. The parade of Buses went over to Portland and back. The Gloucester Hotel is behind the lime coloured bus.

The Cherberg/Weymouth ferry Maid of Kent dominates this view of the harbour.

Weymouth's old Station taken from King Street. Well I suppose it had to go...but at least the train service was kept.

The remains of a Roman Townhouse unearthed in Dorchester. It dates from around just before A.D. More rooms were added in A.D 341.

And here is the famous (not only for the Hovis commercials)Gold Hill Shaftsbury. The town also boasts the remains of Shaftsbury Abbey. Which was a Womans Abbey. It contains the remains of King Edward.

The Cerne Giant stands 180feet (54.90mts)The top soil was removed exposing the white chalk below. He is thought to be of Romano-British origin.

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