British Railways Photographs Diesel Page 3

Taken by John Griffiths.

Class 33 passes Radipole Halt with the Weymouth portion of a train from Waterloo

British Railways class 50 50042 at Weymouth preparing to go back to Bristol. It was a long slow trip to Brisol via Yeovil, Westbury, Trowbridge and Bath.(Night time again, I worked a lot of nights.Time and a half you know!

A class 33 comes out of the larger of the 2 Bincombe Tunnels on the run in to Weymouth. This picture was taken off the top of the smaller tunnel. The lengh of track seen here used to be inside the original tunnel, but this portion collapsed and it was converted to a cutting.

A class 33 propels a 4sub unit into Dorchester South, with the 9.35 Weymouth / Waterloo train. It run onto a waiting 4Sub and a 4Rep driving electric unit at Bournemouth, the 33 will detach and work another train back to Weymouth.

A class 37 a rare visitor to Weymouth arrives at platform 3 with a train from Bristol.

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