UK Railways Experimental & Prototype 18000

photo; Colour Rail

Brown-Boveri Gas Turbine 18000, passes Chippenham in 1957.
The Great Western Railway ordered two such loco's, this one from its Swiss makers and another from Metropolitan-Vickers, for comparative trials in the late 1940's.
Bothwere delivered after nationalisation and were universally hated by Western Region staff. In this photo, 18000 has acquired standard Brunswick green, but both were delivered in a black and silver scheme similar to the Southern's 1Co-Co1 diesel-electrics

A-1-A + A-1-A Gas Turbine
Introduced 1948:
Brown Boveri Switzerland for G.W.R.
Weight 115tons.
Driving wheels 4' 0"
T.E. 31, 21mph.
Engine; 2,500hp gas turbine
Motors; Four independantly mounted motors with spring drive.

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