UK Railways Experimental & Prototype 46202

photo; National Railway Museum

6202 was the most succesfull of all the attempts to improve on the low thermal efficency of the steam locomotive.
In its 15 years it ran nearly half a million miles in revenue earning service, only the war made maintenance and improvements impossible.
6202 and 6210 a sister engine but with normal cylinders and motion ran a series of trails between Euston and Glasgow, both engines however put up nearly identical performances, 6202 showing only a 4% saving on coal and 10% on water,,not enough to warrent further locomotives of that type.
6202 entered Crewe works on 6th May 1950 and reappeared over two years later as a conventional reciprocating 4-6-2, entering service on 15 August 1952 as 46202 'Princess Anne' and covering only 11,442miles, it was involved in the Harrow Accident and was written off.

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