UK Railways Experimental & Prototype Fury

photo; W.H. Whitworth / RAS PC681

The frames of L.M.S. class 'Royal Scot' were taken as the basis for a Schmidt high pressure compound experimental locomotive, built in conjunction with NBL in 1929, becoming No 6399 Fury. Suffice it to state here that steam was generated in a triple pressure boiler, firebox water tubes generating steam in closed circuit system at some 1,400/1,800lb sq in. in which in turn produced steam at 900lb sq in. which was fed to the single high pressure cylinder between the frames; the exhaust from the latter mixed with steam at 250lb sq in. generated in the conventional firetube part of the boiler, to feed the two outside cylinders. Almost immediately there was trouble when a high pressure tube burst with fatal results and the engine was laid aside for several years.
The loco is seen here laid up in the paint shop at Derby 9th April 1932.
It was rebuilt in 1935 as a 'Royal Scot' class loco No 6171 British Legion.

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