British Railways Photographs Ex Southern Railway

Taken by John Griffiths.

Ex Southern Railway 4-6-2 Battle Of Britain class 34051 Winston Churchill at Bournemouth Loco after working Sir Winston Churchill's Funeral Train 1965.

Ex Southern Railway U class 4-6-0 31803 at Bournemouth. These loco's were rebuilds of Maunsell's 'River' class 2-6-4T which tended to tip over on their sides when on passenger work.

Ex Southern Railway Q1 0-6-0 33038 at Bricklayers Arms London. These unusual looking engines were built in 1942 by Bulleid as an Austerity loco using only the essential parts needed.

Ex Southern Railway Schools class 4-4-0 30913 Christ's Hospital at Bricklayers Arms London. Thank goodness one of these has been preserved.

Ex London Brighton & South Coast Railway E4 0-6-2T 32473 at Stewarts Lane London. 1960

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