British Railways Junction's and Yards


Water Orton East Junction

This 1960's view, the old wooden box is gone but all the track still here.

The concrete building I take would be the new lamp mans shed, it stands where the old wooden box was.

the one I used is the old corragated iron one foreground.


A more recent photo of Water Orton West Junction from the footbridge, Kingsbury and Derby fast line to the left, Nuneaton and the Derby slow lines to the right. Many are the times I have stood on this footbridge in 1955/56/57/58/59/60 and watched 45572 Anson..45651 Shovell..45660 Rooke come thundering underneath...oh how I wish!
The other side of Hams Hall 'C' from the one at Kingsbury Junction can be seen.

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