John Griffiths at Work

Taken on the same day as the picture on my front page, at Saltley 21A.

This time on a Sultzer powered 'Peak Class' D65 (I think) Class 45 in todays classings. The regulater handle I am holding was the kind fitted to Sultzer motored Peaks,on the end was a button which when pressed would apply grit to the rail to stop wheel slip. The slip indicator light was one of the three you can see just above my hand.The round object middle right edge is the AWS indicater. The regulator on later Brush traction motered ones had just a thin chrome handle with a back knob on the end.

The Water Orton West 0-6-0 shunter, standing by Water Orton Sidings Box. These shunters could pull huge loads but stopping them was another matter!

This time I'm in Henderson, New Zealand, with the yard's 0-6-0 diesel mechanical shunter. TR26.