46234 Duchess of Abercorn at Crewe

photo John Griffiths

Ex LMS Stanier 4-6-2 8P 46234 Duchess of Abercorn waits at Crewe
ready to back on to a down train to take it forward to Glasgow


Princess Coronation Class details

Introduced 1938. Stanier L.M.S.enlargement of "Princess Royal" class.
All except Nos. 46230-4/49-55 originally streamlined. (introduced 1937).
Streamlining removed from 1946.

*Introduced 1947. Ivatt development with roller bearings and detail alterations.

Weights: 105tons 5cwt...*106tons 8cwt.
Pressure 250lbs.
Clys: (4) 16" x 28"
Driving Wheel diameter: 6ft 9in.
Tractive effort: 40,000lb.
Walschaerts valve gear and rocking shafts, P.V.

46220 Coronation
46221 Queen Elizabeth
46222 Queen Mary
46223 Princess Alice
46224 Princess Alexandra
46225 Duchess of Gloucester
46226 Duchess of Norfolk
46227 Duchess of Devonshire
46228 Duchess of Rutland
46229 Duchess of Hamilton
46230 Duchess of Buccleuch
46231 Duchess of Atholl
46232 Duchess of Montrose
46233 Duchess of Sutherland
46234 Duchess of Abercorn
46235 City of Birmingham
46236 City of Bradford
46237 City of Bristol
46238 City of Carlisle
46239 City of Chester
46240 City of Coventry
46241 City of Edinburgh
46242 City of Glasgow
46243 City of Lancaster
46244 King George VI
46245 City of London
46246 City of Manchester
46247 City of Liverpool
46248 City of Leeds
46249 City of Sheffield
46250 City of Lichfield
46251 City of Nottingham
46252 City of Leicester
46253 City of St. Albans
46254 City of Stoke on Trent
46255 City of Hereford
46256*Sir William A. Stanier, F.R.S.
46257*City of Salford

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