British Railways Steam Photographs by John Griffiths

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these pictures added 2nd March 2002 more as scanning permits

46201 in the scrap line at Carlisle 2 views of unidentified Castle at ? Oxford  ex GWR condensing Tank in scrapline at Swindon King George V again at Swindon after last run of King from Birmingham Snow Hill

  57653 at Carlisle Ex GWR 56XX class 0-6-2T 6606 at Swindon 1963

           Jubilee 45572 Eire passing Water Orton. Class numbers & names here also.45572 Eire
           Coronation pacific 46234 Duchess of Abercorn at Crewe.46234 Duchess of Abercorn
           GWR King class. 6000 King George V at Swindon.6000 King George V
           Royal Scot class. 46123 Royal Irish Fusilier at Crewe Works.46123 Royal Irish Fusilier
           45552 Silver Jubilee itself at Willesden.45552 Silver Jubilee.
           Ex LMS Fowler 4F 44458 at Water Orton..44458.
           Ex LMS Hughes 'Crab'42884 at Carlisle.42884
           BR Britainia 70015 Apollo at Carlisle.70015 Apollo
           BR class 9 92221 at Halesowen Jct.92221
           BR class 9 92221 and LMS Jubilee at Halesowen Jct.92221 + Jubilee
            Ex LMS Stanier Jubilee 45651 Shovel at Halesowen.45651 Shovel.
           62712 Morayshire at Hawick Scotland.62712 Morayshire
           BR 2-6-2T 80013 at Crewe Works.84013
           Semi 46232 Duchess of Montrose at Crewe Works..46232 Duchess of Montrose
           BR standard class 5 on the Southern Region..BR class 5
...........Princess on the Up Red Rose Marston Green Birmingham..Princess 4-6-2

BR class 9 at Kingsbury.Class 9 at Kingsbury
Ex LMS class 8 at Kingsbury.Class 8 at Kingsbury
BR class 3 76040 at Water Orton 76040 Water Orton.
Ex LMS class 8 at Kingsbury.Class 8 Kingsbury.
Ex LMS Stanier class 5 at Whitacre.45061 at Whitacre.
BR class 9 ex Crosti boilered.Crosti 9
Ex LMS Stanier class 8 48101 of Saltley loco at Kingsbury.48101
Engineers steam crane at Eastleigh.Eastleigh Crane
Ex LMS class 8 at Hams Hall.Class 8 Hams Hall
Ex LMS class 8 at Water Orton.Class 8 Water Orton
Ex LMS Jinty 47232 at Whitacre.Jinty Whitacre
B.R. Standard class 5MT 73002 passes Water Orton with an Up Special.73002 Water Orton
Ex LMS class 8's at Water Orton.Class 8's Water Orton
46445  Water Orton.46445
43918 Water Orton.43918

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