6000 King George V at Swindon

photo John Griffiths

Ex GWR 4-6-0 Collett King class 6000 King George V at Swindon works, after working the last trip of a King from Wolverhampton and Bimingham Snow Hill. We returned later after viewing the works. What a trip that was!

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4-6-0                         8P                 6000 Class


Introduced 1927                   Collett design

Weights: Loco:     89tons 0cwt
              Tender:   46tons 14cwt
Pressure 250lbs. Su
Clys: (4) 16" x 28"
Driving Wheel diameter: 6ft 6in.
Tractive effort: 40,285lb.
Inside Walschaerts valve gear and rocking shafts, P.V.

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