British Railways Diesel Photographs by John Griffiths

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45039 Manchester Regiment.45039 Manchester Regiment
45022 Lytham St. Annes.45022 Lytham St Annes
33027 Earl Mountbatten of Burma.33027 Earl Mountbatten of Burma
50042 at Weymouth.50042 Weymouth
50017 Royal Oak, Bristol Temple Meads.50017 Royal Oak
37070 Weymouth 1.37070 Weymouth (1)
37070 Weymouth 2.37070 Weymouth (2)
37070 Weymouth 3.37070 Weymouth (3)
Midland Pullman.Midland Pullman
class 47 at Reading.47 Reading
class 47 passing Dorchester South.47 Dorchester
47539 on the Royal Train at Eastleigh47539 Royal Train Eastleigh
33 & 31 Double header.33 and 31
Westbury Loco.Westbury loco
33208 Dorcherster South.33208
class 33 propels a TC unit Wool.33 at Wool
3 different front ends.3 fronts
33025 Sultan at Weymouth.33025 Sultan
47 at Westbury.47 Westbury
33009 33009
47500 Great Western on the Royal Train Weymouth47500 Great Western on Royal Train
31 Weymouth.31 Weymouth
47 Weymouth.47 Weymouth
Co-Bo as a departmental loco, at Bristol.57 Co-Bo

Class 33 at Bournemouth.33 at Bournemouth 1
class 47 47078 Sir Daniel Gooch at Weymouth.47078 Sir Daniel Gooch
Diesel Electric Unit 1131 at Weymouth Quay.1131 Weymouth Quay
class 33 at Bournemouth.33 at Bournemouth 2
class 33 runs a TC unit through Radipole Halt.33 at Radipole Halt
class 33 and a TC unit exit Bincombe Tunnel.33 at Bincombe Tunnel
class 47's line up at Westbury.Line of 47's
HST at Bristol Temple Meads.HST
TC unit 422 at Dorchester South.TC unit 422
Railcar at Weymouth.Railcar
class 33 on a china clay train at Furzebrook.33 Furzebrook
TC 410 waits to leave Weymouth.TC 410
class 33 on a parcels train  Eastleigh.33 Eastleigh
class 08 412.08 412
HST prepares to leave Bristol Temple Meads.HST
class 47 47293 at Weymouth.47293
class 33 propels a TC unit out of Weymouth 1984.33 Weymouth
class 33 33107 along Weymouth Quay.33107 Weymouth Quay
class 33 double header at Weymouth Double header 33
class 25 25115 at Bristol 25115 Bristol
class 47 on the Furzebrook oil train at Wareham 47 Wareham
class 60 on coal train at Water Orton 60 Water Orton

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